Who We Are


Founding partners Amy and Dan joined forces as young architects to challenge traditional approaches and focus on the unique needs of tourist and visitor destinations. Years later, they are Studio S2’s husband-and-wife directors, leading a team of extraordinary people.

Destinations throughout Australia can access all of the expertise that comes from single-minded dedication to the tourism sector and from our team’s personal experience of worldwide destinations. Studio S2 lives and breathes tourism, and we can help you shape your own extraordinary.


Beyond the everyday, deep down, you know there’s more. You can make your business exceptional and think bigger. That means asking two key questions: “Is it the best it can be? The best for us?”. We’ve built an entire business around one of the most challenging industries, where you live and die by an instant judgement. Our unique profiling tool allows us to unearth the ‘personality’ of your spaces, giving insights into how to create something that is unique to you.

Improve profitability

Our knowledge of retail models, merchandising and operational efficiencies is evident in the increased commercial success of our clients. You need spaces that sell both experiences and products, and Studio S2 can help you to avoid ‘might have been’ visits that end before they start because of simple problems like signage and parking. We know how to make the most of the visitors who spend time with you, so they feel welcome from the start.

Make it personal

Clients keep asking us for help long after a project has been completed – we become an extended member of your team, advising on any of the visual aspects of your space. We don’t do ‘standard’: the style you need dictates our style.

We love travel too – often staying at clients’ premises and buying your products so we see things as a tourist would. It means we don’t ‘accidentally’ land on the answer, but truly understand what people are feeling and what others are offering.

Use the specialists

Tourism is all we do – we know it all the way from strategy to cushions and everything in between. Our team travels extensively and we prioritise being tourists whenever we can. Clients speak of our depth of authority in this industry, saying: “You’d be crazy to use anyone else.”

Studio S2 can make visitors’ first encounter with you amazing. Some of the recent regions we’ve worked in include Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island, Coonawarra, Riverland, Langhorne Creek, Flinders Ranges, Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, SE Queensland, Perth Hills and Rutherglen. Our work also takes us interstate and we have worked in several regional areas in Victoria and New South Wales.

Create a sense of ‘place’

We’ll help you to express your extraordinary and how to tell your story to visitors. You’ll see from our gallery of projects that we create a sense of ‘place’ – somewhere defined not by appearance alone, but also by how visitors feel, thanks to the quality of their interactions with the space they find themselves in. Our goal is to delight travellers, creating memories that inspire future visits.



For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.