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Cellar Doors and Tasting Rooms

Cellar Door and Tasting Rooms, F&B Offerings

Your reputation for an extraordinary F&B offering is built on a commitment to pairing the place and people with the offering. Attracting locals and tourists alike is not a happy accident, but a purposeful creation of entrance, environment and menu that attracts them in, keeps them engaged and encourages them to buy.

Our team can show you how to craft a space that offers an amazing F&B experience, can accommodate retail offerings that make sense, and is flexible enough to cleverly adapt to other uses throughout your opening hours.

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Hotels and Accommodation

Hotel and Accommodation

Gone are the days of home-like accommodation – today’s tourist wants to feel like they are in a hotel. But not just any hotel. They want to differentiate. To know where they are in the world and be surrounded both inside and out by the authentic flavour and stories of the local. We can help you uncover the uniqueness of place, and embed your brand in location so that it feels like your brand but also captures the essence of the local.

Efficiencies in back of house are critical to operation of accommodation buildings and a great guest experience, and we recognise that operators have varying models and conformance requirements. Our practice has an excellent reputation for listening and responding to operator advice, and the expertise to understand how to coordinate a seamless plan that can achieve your goals and a great experience for guests.

Whether you are already running successful accommodation or thinking of creating a new place, we can help you turn your guest house, retreat, resort, hotel, motel, hostel, b&b or inn into a space that works more effectively. Telling a great story through buildings will make your guests buy more – by understanding, remembering and recommending, guests will make longer bookings, more often.

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Visitor Information and Welcome Centres

Attraction & Visitor Centres, Museums & Exhibitions

Visitor or welcome centres need spaces where the local character and stories are so tangible that visitors become curious and motivated, and where people understand the value of your place and how special it is, that spending time and money on your product and out in the region is the obvious choice.

Operational efficiencies such as opportunities for multiple uses, cross-staffing, self service options and quiet retreat areas are a focus for many centres.

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Food and Agri-Tourism

Food Tourism

More than other, more traditional tourism markets, interest in food tourism is new, growing and relatively untapped with massive potential. These operators can harness the authenticity built into place, culture and history, and be made unique under a strong banner of their own branding. Woven together, place and brand can generate completely unique offerings, stories can be unfolded and opportunities for extraordinary experiences created.

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Farm and Manufacture Tourism

Agri-tourism and Manufacturing Tourism

For many farming, production and manufacture businesses, branching into offering tourism experiences is a new and intimidating possibility. But we only need to look to the wine industry of the past to see how successfully growing and production can translate into a strong tourism economy – from grower to manufacturer, craftsman to seller and retailer, from sampling to tourism.

Truly successful operators have utilised their history, culture, values, place and space to develop an understanding of what makes them unique. Being honest and authentic about what they do is what builds trust and loyalty, but the public doesn’t need to see everything and the key to successful agri-tourism and manufacture tourism is crafting the right experience in extraordinary places and spaces.

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For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.