Daniel Smedley- Architect Co-Founder Adelaide

Dan Smedley

Co-founder, Tourism Specialist Architect, Hotel Planning and Design Consultant, Experience Designer, Eco-design Expert, Value Consultant, Trumpet player, Guru

“I have researched and analysed, listened and understood. I can help you map an efficient, elegant and practical solution.”

Buildings are engineered and planned so they can be created with great efficiency. But the greatest buildings have both elegance and efficiency, so that no element is wasteful but together they are beautiful.

Bringing together a group of musicians to play a piece is much the same. When all come together, that one sound is the combination of many sounds, as well as one sound. The elegance is in the bringing together.

Simple elegance is all I need in a holiday too. Somewhere I can have a slow start, and a coffee in the sun, is the perfect travel for me!