Amy Smedley - Architect, Co-founder Adelaide

Amy Smedley

Co-founder, Tourism Specialist Architect, Interior Designer, Exhibition Designer, Heritage Architect, Curator, Accredited Planning Professional (level 2), Singer, Magician

“I want to understand your dreams and what makes you truly you, so our design almost magically transforms those ideas into a place that can be like nowhere else.“
I love that buildings can tell stories, that spaces affect how we feel, that old buildings have the marks of generations on their walls. To be able to create a building that makes you feel something is a real achievement.

Space is about so much more than how it looks, and one of the things I’ve always loved is how sound feels in space. To sing alone in a cathedral or with a choir in a concert hall, and feel it reverberate through you and see it affect the audience is an incredible feeling.

For me, travel is visiting places with soul, where you really feel something – and finding those places in the most unexpected locations. It is falling in love with a laneway in Barcelona, a tiny cellar door in the Barossa, eating fish and chips on the wharf and watching the sunset at Eden…