Narrandera Discovery Hub

It’s great to be able to share some recent photos of the new Narrandera Shire Council Discover Hub building under construction at the moment! The project is a visitor information centre, office space and exhibition hall, designed to be extraordinarily iconic, catch the eye and have people pulling over on the highway to visit, but also fit beautifully into it’s place! We think it will be extraordinary!

Narrandera, in central New South Wales, is a place where there is a bit of an adventure and a bit of fun. A place to explore and enjoy.
The project was to create a destination and discovery hub that is fascinating – a journey where you are challenged to uncover something you didn’t know you were interested in – and something iconic yet cost effective that would stop people on the highway and draw them in.
We want visitors to go home with stories that are of exploration, discovery and amazing things from history, today and the future, and to come back to taste more of the amazing things they are yet to discover.

Flooding in NSW has severely impacted construction in Narrandera, but the project is due for completion in July 2023. Despite Covid-19 impacts and flood delays, the project has been negotiated to be completed within Council’s acceptable budget targets.

Council has been a key stakeholder in the Narrandera project, and through their engagement processes, Studio S2 Architects were able to engage with leaders and artists from the First Nations community to create a place that all could feel ownership and pride for.
Visitor Centre display and strategy has been designed by Studio S2 and construction Structural Concepts have built and installed the joinery. Interpretive and informative displays are under development.




For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.