WII Awards Winner – Wine Tourism

STUDIO S2 ARCHITECTS NAMED WINNER OF THE WINE TOURISM CATEGORY IN THE 12th ANNUAL WINE INDUSTRY IMPACT AWARDS; Studio S2 Architects was named winner in national awards honouring High Impact Industry Suppliers to Wine Tourism at the awards ceremony at Adelaide Town Hall last night – Thursday 18th October 2018.

UNLEY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — 19th October 2018 – Studio S2 Architects announced today that it has been named a winner of the Wine Tourism category in the Australian Wine Industry Impact Awards. Hailed as “a celebration of excellence”, The WII Awards, presented by the Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Inc., is the leading awards organisation honouring excellence of suppliers to Wine Tourism. The judging panel is comprised of industry experts, including Roz Meertens (Cathay Pacific), Hayden Zammit (Tourism Professional) and Nicole Hodgson (Seppeltsfield Wines).

Studio S2 Architects was honoured with the rest of the finalists and award winners at the prestigious WIIA ceremony on Thursday October 18 2018, at Adelaide Town Hall. The judges’ comments have been published in Wine Business Magazine September/October issue, and winners will be featured in the November/December issue. A full list of finalists as well as finalist videos can be found at www.wisa.org.au.

The award recognises Studio S2 Architects approach to best practice cellar door and wine tourism space design, and wide-reaching influence to raise the quality of wine tourism offerings across Australia.

Studio S2 Architects are thrilled to have taken out top honours in the Wine Industry Impact Awards. Thank you to our clients and supporters, in particular Wirra Wirra Vineyards for their glowing recommendations against the backdrop of our work at their cellar door and café. Congratulations to all the WIIA finalists, and particularly runner up in the Wine Tourism category, co-nominated Sarah Constructions and D’Arenburg for impact on wine tourism as a result of construction of the D’Arenburg ‘Cube’.

From when we first met at the University of Adelaide Architecture Department almost 20 years ago, Daniel and I decided that we would take a focus on tourism and architecture as our two shared passions. This accolade is evidence of how combining those passions can truly make an impact on an industry. We are proud of our impact across the wine tourism industry from large to small business via industry wide educational tools, and through one on one consulting, to design a physical presence for wine business that attracts visitors, grows sales and creates unmissable destinations.

Studio S2 Architects are not your average Architects, and wine tourism is not a one size fits all industry. We recognise the importance of a physical presence for a wine brand, particularly when broaching the wine tourism market, but each offering must be special to attract it’s market share. No winery should present an awkward or under maintained appearance, nor should it present the same face as another. While opening a cellar door is the traditional approach, a widening tourism market with increasing competition means that wineries need to differentiate, attract, grow direct to consumer sales and become recognisable and memorable in the wine tourism market.

Our Architecture studio impacts wine tourism by designing spaces according to the distinctive personality, values and passion that are embedded in a brand that make them one of a kind, but also embody their place in the world. We create places where brand is so tangible that visitors feel that they could almost be a part of it, and where people understand the value of what businesses do so completely that purchasing (not just once but over and over) is the obvious choice. We connect our clients with the right value chain partnerships for each project – people who can offer something a little different to help bring it all together.

Studio S2 Architects is a husband and wife team, based in Unley, South Australia.

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The annual awards, presented by Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA), showcase excellence in improving the competitiveness and capability of the nation’s grape and wine industry while developing exciting new consumer experiences. Categories include Grape Growing, Winemaking, Engineering, Packaging, Distribution & Logistics, Marketing & Communication, Tourism and Start-Up.
Find The Wine Industry Impact Awards Online:
Website: https://www.wisa.org.au/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wine-industry-suppliers-australia-inc/
Wine Portal: wineportal.com.au/


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