The Royal Archetype

“Power isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”

Also called: Boss, leader, aristocrat, parent, politician, role model, manager, administrator, ruler, executive, sovereign

Core desire: Control.

Goal: To create a prosperous successful family, company, community. Create order from chaos.

Fears: Chaos, being overthrown.

Strategy: Exert leadership. Exercise power, confidence, exclusivity.

Gift: Responsibility, leadership.

Marketing niche: Help people become more organized, restore order, create more stability and security in a chaotic world

Share your story: Dress and look the part of a successful leader.

Example: Rolex, Rolls Royce, American Express

Your customers feel: “If I follow them, I will share their success”, good taste, enthralled, admiration

Your customers most fear: Financial ruin, ill health, uncontrolled chaos.

The Royal is a good identity for brands if

  • your high status products are used by high powered people to increase their power
  • your product helps people be organised, or offers technical assistance that helps maintain or enhance power
  • you have a protective or regulatory function
  • you are a clear leader as opposed to a regular guy
  • you promise stability and safety in a chaotic world


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