The Rebel Archetype

“Rules are meant to be broken”

Also called: Outlaw, maverick, revolutionary, villain, wild man, misfit, enemy

Core desire: Revolution.

Goal: To destroy what is not working.

Fears: Being powerless and inconsequential.

Strategy: Disrupt, destroy, shock.

Gift: Outrageousness, radical freedom.

Marketing niche: Agent of change, advocate for the disenfranchised, allow people to vent or break with conventions.

Share your story: Take risks, speak up when you don’t agree.

Example: Harley Davidson, Madonna

Your customers feel: Rebellious, thrilled, impulsive.

Your customers most fear: Ineffectuality, impotence, powerlessness.

The Rebel is a good identity for brands if

  • customers are feeling at odds with society or disaffiliated
  • you are genuinely out to distroy or revolutionise
  • your product is a risk – it’s not very good for people
  • you stand for strong values that are at odds with society
  • your product is moderate to low cost


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