The Optimist Archetype

“Free to be you and me”

Also called: Innocent, Pollyanna, Utopian, Traditionalist, Naive, Mystic, Sait, Romantic, Dreamer

Core desire: To experience paradise.

Goal: To be happy.

Fears: Doing something wrong or bad that will provoke punishment, the world getting tainted by something negative or unnatural.

Strategy: Do things right.

Gift: Faith and optimism.

Marketing niche: Companies with strong values, seen as trustworthy, reliable and honest, associated with morality, good virtues, simplicity, can be nostalgic.

Share your story about: What excites you.

Example: Dove soap, Coca-Cola

Your customers feel: ‘I can do this!’, encouraged, joy.

Your customers most fear: Entrapment, selling out, emptiness

The Optimist is a good identity for brands that

  • provide a simple answer to a simple question
  • are associated with cleanliness, health or virtue
  • are associated with goodness, simplicity, childhood
  • are moderate to low cost
  • are produced by a company with straight-arrow core values
  • differentiate from a tarnished product


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