The Nurturer Archetype

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself”

Also called: Caretaker, Caregiver, Altruist, Saint, Helper, Supporter

Core desire: To protect people from harm.

Goal: To help others.

Fears: Selfishness and ingratitude.

Strategy: Doing things for others, service, focus on other people.

Gift: Compassion and generosity.

Marketing niche: Help people care for themselves.

Share your story: Volunteering, helping others, causes you are passionate about.

Example: Johnson & Johnson, Princess Diana, Salvation Army

Your customers feel: Loved, taken care of, safe, not alone, thankful.

Your customers most fear: Ill health, uncontrolled chaos.

The Nurturer is a good identity for brands 

  • where customer service is the main competitive advantage
  • that support families
  • in caregiving fields like healthcare and education
  • that help people care about eachother and stay connected
  • that help people care for themselves.


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