The Magician Archetype

“It can happen!”

Also called: Visionary, catalyst, innovator, mediator, shaman, healer, medicine man, transformer

Core desire: To know the fundamental laws of how the universe works.

Goal: To make dreams come true.

Fears: Unanticipated negative consequences.

Strategy: Develop and live a vision.

Gift: Finding win-win outcomes.

Marketing niche: Help people transform their world, inspire change, expand consciousness

Share your story: Know and invent new trends to share and represent.

Example: Disney, Oprah

Your customers feel: Fascinated, enchanted, on the cutting edge, “I want to feel that”.

Your customers most fear: Ineffectuality, impotence, powerless

The Magician is a good identity for brands if

  • your product or service is transformative
  • you implicitly promise to transform your customer
  • you appeal to cultural creatives
  • you help to expand consciousness
  • there is a psychological or spiritual component
  • you have a very contemporary new product
  • your product is moderate to highly priced


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