The Hero Archetype

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

Also called: Warrior, crusader, superhero, soldier, athlete, dragon slayer, competitor, victor

Core desire: To prove one’s worth through courageous acts.

Goal: To improve the world through exertion of mastery.

Fears: Weakness, vulnerability, giving up.

Strategy: Gaining ultimate strength, competence and power.

Gift: Competence and courage.

Marketing niche: Make a positive mark on the world, solve major problems or enable/inspire others to do so.

Share your story: Be inspiring with challenges you have overcome.

Example: Duracell

Your customers feel: Empowered, inspired, motivated, determined.

Your customers most fear: Ineffectuality, impotence, powerlessness.

The Hero is a good identity for brands if

  • your product will have a major impact on the world
  • you help people perform at their upper limit
  • you are addressing a major social problem
  • you want to beat a clear competitor
  • you are the underdog that wants to rival the competition
  • you can do a job efficiently and well
  • you want to show that you can follow through and achieve especially compared with competitors
  • your customers are ‘good, moral citizens’

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