The Friend Archetype

“All men and women are created equal”

Also called: Regular Guy, Everyman, Guy/Girl Next Door, Realist, Best Friend, Good Old Boy, Regular Jane, The Common Man, The Working Stiff, The Solid Citizen, The Good Neighbour

Core desire: Connection with others.

Goal: To belong, fit in.

Fears: Seeming to put on airs, standing out, being exiled or rejected as a result.

Strategy: Develop ordinary solid values, be down to earth, accessible, hardworking, nice.

Vulnerability: Could lack a distinctive identity and blend in too much

Gift: Realism, empathy, lack of pretence.

Marketing niche: Common touch, solid virtues, gives a sense of belonging.

Share your story about: Your normal life .

Example: Home Depot, eBay

Your customers feel: Understood, included, warm, trusting.

Your customers most fear: Exile, orphaning, abandonment, engulfment

The Friend is a good identity for brands

  • Whose use helps people to belong or feel that they belong
  • Whose function is something commonly used in everyday life
  • With pricing that is moderate to low (or that is an upscale version of a product that would ordinarily be inexpensive)
  • Produced or sold by a company with a down-home organisational culture and
  • That want to differentiate themselves in a positive way from a higher priced or more elitist brand


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