The Explorer Archetype

“Don’t fence me in”

Also called: Seeker, adventurer, wanderer, individualist, pilgrim, rebel, pioneer

Core desire: The freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world.

Goal: A more fulfilling life.

Fears: Getting trapped, conforming, inner emptiness.

Strategy: Journey, new experiences, escape from boredom.

Gift: Autonomy, ambition, ability to be true to oneself.

Marketing niche: Exciting, risk-taking, authentic.

Share your story: Travel journeys, ways that you are unconventional.

Example: Indiana Jones, Jeep

Your customers feel: Adventurous, cultured, amazed, alive.

Your customers most fear: Entrapment, selling out, emptiness.

The Explorer is a good identity for brands if

  • your product is non-conformist, freeing and pioneering
  • you provide props for a rugged or difficult journey
  • your product is obtained through unconventional media or pathways
  • your product helps people express themselves
  • you are different because you are non-conformist


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