What do you want from your career?

What do you want in an Architectural career? What’s that illusive thing that you are searching for? What would make you fulfilled and energetic through day-to-day work?

We’re on the hunt for team members who are looking for something fulfilling – someone with the drive to get involved in making their career a success at the same time as creating great projects and building long term relationships with us and across client and construction industry networks. We think the positions we are offering are full of awesome opportunities for the right person, so I’ve put together my take on 9 things people want in life, to show you how working with Studio S2 could fulfil your career goals.

  1. Happiness comes from knowing what you want and having a path to achieve it. Here at S2, we’re really big on what drives people, and helping them identify what they need and a path to get there. Our clients benefit from our insights into their business and brands, and we will encourage you to do a bit of self-analysis on the way to understanding the process we work with for our clients. If you want a bit of insight, take our quiz here.
  2. Work-life balance is about understanding your priorities. We’re happy to come to an agreement with you about hours and pay that makes us all happy. We also value travel and what you learn from it, and encourage you to use your time, and sometimes ours, to see and experience the world. As you grow into our business, opportunities will arise to work with regional and interstate clients and those travel opportunities may be offered to you, if you want them.
  3. Freedom is feeling that you can act with passion and commitment on what you believe in. We hope you get really passionate about the projects you work on here and find opportunity to spread your wings and be part of tourism as a really exciting industry that has fundamental, grounded ties to place but also soaring aspirations.
  4. Peace for me is a quiet, healthy environment. Just like any workplace, things get crazy sometimes, but on the whole the office is calm and full of thriving pot plants. Actually, I’m going to have to tackle the one on my desk at the moment before it takes over my screen.
  5. Joy comes from being part of something that is a real success. Our clients find that their spaces are not only great spaces that are right for them, but they are also commercially focussed and help them build profit. And we love celebrating those successes with them. We also think it’s really important to celebrate successes with our team of consultants and builders, and prioritise having an event in each finished project to allow them to be part of the success.
  6. Fulfilment comes of living up to our highest and best potential. While we encourage you to stretch your imagination, get into some interesting tourism experiences and challenge yourself to do an amazing job, we also support you on that journey. We’re a team, we work together and grow together to the fulfillment of everyone.
  7. Confidence is knowing what is expected. We’ve put systems in place so that you can quantify pretty quickly what you need to do to move a project forward, and we support that process with regular catch ups.
  8. Stability is more about lifelong goals than short term job security. By encouraging you to fulfil your potential, we hope you can see a path to long term stability that can evolve as you grow as a professional rather than becoming static and unfulfilling.
  9. Passion is in abundance in this office but isn’t just architectural passion. Dan and I love travel and playing music. Darren loves the outdoors. Rather than getting wrapped up in the architecture, get wrapped up in what you love, and work that passion into your projects. That way you can feel the freedom of believing in your work, the joy of watching the success of a client, the fulfilment of living up to your potential.

So, if you think this might be the workplace for you, we’d love to hear from you. To be shortlisted, please complete the questionnaire at this link.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.