Business Sustainability Grants

Whether you are simply keen to reduce your impact, looking to attract new responsible tourism markets, or need to tick trade criteria for sustainability credentials, you may be interested in the recent announcement from Green Industries SA. Funding is available for South Australian businesses and not-for-profits to subsidise costs to Assess, Implement and Monitor economically and environmentally sustainable practices.

The grant is designed to help you first assess your business, find the opportunities and then implement them. Perhaps you could:

  • Investigate ways to
    • shade your buildings from the summer sun, to reduce your cooling requirements, or ways to naturally cool or ventilate your spaces
    • access more natural light internally
  • Find ways to reduce waste, and better manage disposal processes. Go paperless, recycle water, separate your organic waste… It does less damage to our environment and reduces your costs.
  • Get an energy audit.
  • Improve your building and grounds energy or water efficiency.
  • Implement a sustainable procurement policy, os you can be confident that what you are using in your business has sustainable foundations too.
  • Offer more sustainable options to your guests such as bike hire or walking trail maps.
  • Structure partnerships with other local businesses to offer more local and community based product.
  • Make your energy efficiency efforts visible to your visitors.

Grants are on a co-contribution basis, for up to $15,000. Your business has to be utilising commercial waste collection, so this grant is for businesses that already use bulk bins, commercial organics collection, etc.

You can find application details at

For discuss ideas and a possible application, give us a call.


For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.