Secrets for Accommodation Design to Tick the Tourism Boxes

We don’t have secrets in this office! We want your accommodation to be the best it can be so here’s our top 7 secrets to boost your place from unmemorable to unmissable.

Star ratings

It is possible to get a higher star rating by clearly demonstrating strong brand character influence over decisions about facilities, services and style. You can foster interaction between guests and your brand

  1. Tell your brand story through journey, interactive spaces, decor
  2. Shaping your space to allow staff to be part of the space and naturally engage with guests

Furniture and fixtures can work for you

Make cleaning easy, branding strong and quality in line with your price point with selection of furniture and fittings that are both durable and in character.

Hotels can act as gateways between the intensity of street and sanctuary of suite

  1. The foyer as an extension of the street
  2. Opening up of bars and restaurants to attract locals as well as guests
  3. Use of other spaces for cultural activities that bring life to underutilised spaces

Guests want to hear travel secrets

You can foster interaction between guests and other guests, local staff, and your brand and location stories.

  1. Create a variety of spaces designed for different levels of intensity in interaction
  2. Shape and arrangement of furnishings can stimulate (or prevent) social interactions.

Guests want to hear local secrets

Your guests are interested in your recommendations – brochure racks don’t do the job.

  1. Bring local product and style into your spaces and offerings
  2. Get staff talking with purpose designed furnishings and fixtures that foster conversation
  3. Encourage locals to use your public areas

Integrating technology

It doesn’t have to mean expensive app development and room customisation software, unless that is your brand style. Consider charging points with usb ports, online check-in and other conveniences as a starting point.

Vibrant guest services are a must

The retail and dining experience offered by hotels is a point of difference to b&b or serviced apartment style accommodation. Those spaces are most successful when they invite locals as well as guests and become a vibrant part of the city.

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For most tourism businesses, working on your buildings and grounds is a big deal. There is a lot of money and time at stake and can be difficult to know where to start. So let’s just start with a coffee.